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Bostan- Novo Brdo Municipality

Novo Brdo lies 22 KM southeast of Pristina. The municipality is the smallest, least populated in Kosovo. Bostan lies 1 KM from the town.

Security & Transportation
Some homes were burned in 1999- Albanian and Serbian. Due to Novo Brdo’s ethnic balance, there are few security concerns for minorities. Bostan residents have free access to Novo Brdo town. Transportation outside the area is problematic due to the area’s isolation, infrequent public transport and the ethnicities of passengers. Novo Brdo minorities can travel, without danger, as far south as Gornje Kusce (Gnjilane/
Gjilan Municipality ) and as far east as Slivovo.

Municipality officials are considering the establishment of a bus line connecting Novo Brdo and Gracanica.

Economy & Infrastructure
Some land is cultivated. Novo Brdo was the greatest mining area in SE Europe until the mines ran dry in the late-medieval age. Small-scale mining still exists; most facilities operate with a skeleton crew.

Some residents benefit from UNMIK social assistance. Novo Brdo has benefited from the IRC’s Village infrastructure programs.

Bostan has a youth center and a primary school. Children attend secondary school in Novo Brdo town.

Demographic Information
Bostan is home to 44 Roma and 240 Serbs.

A Roma home in Bostan

Bostan has no effective Roma leader. 

Before 1999, 5000 Serbs lived in the municipality. Roughly 1200 remain. Many of those left due to economic, and not ethnic, circumstances; Novo Brdo has no industry to speak of.

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