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Roma Culture

The Open Society Institute & Soros Foundations Network launched the Roma Culture Initiative (RCI) in 1999. The RCI focuses on supporting Roma in their efforts toward self-reliance and providing the general population in Central and Eastern Europe with informed material about the Roma culture. Who We Were, Who We Are captures the culture of the Kosovar Roma through their holiday celebrations, traditional music and weddings along with their place within the political and educational infrustructure of Kosovo.

Kosovar Roma Wedding Traditions- including information on engagements, the marimé code and bride-prices.
Kosovar Roma Music- sample songs, video footage and song lyrics from Kosovo & Macedonia.
Kosovar Roma Holidays- Djurdjevdan/ Herdeljez, Vasilica, Slavas, World Roma Day & others.
Kosovar Roma Politics- brief notes on 'Roma Leader' positions and the failure of Roma politicians in Kosovo.
Kosovar Roma Education Issues- brief notes on the current, dismal state of Roma education in Kosovo.

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