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Table of Contents



  • Part 1
  • Introduction: Ad petitionem Vlachi et Vitani Egyptiorum…
    The Roma populations of Europe and Kosovo
    Roma Origins
    Causes behind the migrations
    Roma in Kosovo & southeastern Europe- From first appearances to WWII

  • Part 2
  • The Baro Porrajmos in Europe
    The Baro Porrajmos in Yugoslavia
    Roma in Post-WWII Eastern Europe
    Roma in Post-WWII Yugoslavia

  • Part 3
  • Kosovo- the history
    The Nemanjic Dynasty, the Ottomans and Medieval Kosovo
    From the Serb uprisings to the 1920s
    From World War II to the 1989 Revocation of Kosovar Autonomy

  • Part 4
  • 1989-1999: the Serb crackdown, passive resistance and the Kosovo Liberation Army
    The NATO War: March- June, 1999
    Kosovo Today
    Between Serbs and Albanians- the Kosovar Roma Porrajmos

  • Bibliography & Further Reading

  • Reports and report Excerpts

    To Part 1

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    Who We Were, Who We Are: Kosovo Roma Oral Histories
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