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Communication for Social Development- Profile & Mandate

CSD is a humanitarian relief and development agency. CSD’s mission is to help those already among the poorest of society and suffering due to natural or ecological catastrophe, political or civil disruption. CSD provides relief assistance by working collaboratively with all communities to assist them in restoring social stability, revitalizing community structures, and empowering their members to gain control of their lives. CSD has worked in Kosovo since 2000, implementing a number of successful relief and development programs including multi-ethnic and cross-boundary electronic media and broadcast journalism, dialogue, return & reintegration activities, capacity building , humanitarian transitional development, and infrastructure projects.

CSD operates in cooperative partnership with local and international non-governmental organizations including the United Nations Children’s Fund, the American Refugee Committee, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, Mercy Corps, the Canadian International Development Office, the Dutch Office, the Mother Teresa society, and Hope & Aid UK.

CSD also works alongside the United Nations Interim Administration- Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, and local government structures.

CSD is a multi-sector/multi-ethnic LNGO. A key element of CSD’s strategy is to promote integrated and sustainable minority returns, in which IIDPs, IDPs and refugees committed to returning to and remaining in their community of origin are provided assistance including shelter reconstruction, rehabilitation of community infrastructure, economic revitalization, and household support.

CSD reflects the following key principles:

  • Need Focused

  • Entire Person

  • Capacity Building

  • Participation

  • Sustainability

  • Effectiveness and Scale

  • Accountability

  • Non-Discrimination

  • Return & Reintegration

CSD’s goal in Kosovo and Serbia is to contribute to all aspects of social development, including:

  • Establishing positive and beneficial relationships between ethnic groups;

  • Providing truthful and accurate information to the widest possible audience; 

  • Improving education for children, youth and young adults, and giving them the knowledge to make informed and educated choices in every aspect of their lives;

  •  Heightening and emphasizing media standards and journalistic ethics;

  • Providing environmental and health education for everyone;

  • Advancing and illustrating human rights issues;

  • Assisting in the development of civil society in Kosovo and Serbia .

CSD prioritizes the following activities:

  • Providing truthful and politically/ ethnically non-biased information via radio/ print reportage;

  • Depoliticizing returns and human rights issues among all Kosovar communities;

  • Working to surpass post-conflict traumas and psychosocial issues and creating a positive social environment where all of Kosovo’s ethnicities can live without fear;

  • Organizing media review boards to emphasize and illustrate journalistic ethnics and standards;

  • Spearheading non-political, civilian themes, especially regarding health and environmental education.

  • Developing and networking Southeastern European media outlets for future collaboration;

  • Improving the quality of Kosovar marketing services.

In 2005-6, CSD, with support from Kosovo’s donor community, will expand operations to implement minority returns programs including cross-border activities. CSD will continue to collaborate with agencies actively engaged in the minority returns process, including the Ministry of Office and Returns, UNDP/GAR partners, UNHCR, UNHCR Lead Agencies, the ORC, RRU, and KFOR.