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Roma Links

This list is not comprehensive. Contact us if you think we're missing an informative link.

The DMOZ Open Directory's Romani pages an extensive categorized assembly of links to Romani history, advocacy, culture, etc.

Open Society Institute- Roma Culture Initiative

Open Society Institute- Roma Online Photography Exhibition- Photographs of the Roma of Central and Eastern Europe.

Open Society Institute- Roma Links Extensive collection of Roma links.

Open Society Institute- Roma Participation Program

Abuses Against Serbs And Roma In The New Kosovo A Human Rights Watch report from August 1999.

Council Of Europe- Roma and Travellers Division

The Dream Stacia Spragg's photographs of the Chergari Gypsies in Bulgaria.

Dzeno Association A non-profit Roma advocacy group whose goal is to "organize citizens of Romany nationality who want to help strengthen their nation. The association aims to support and develop traditional Romany values and characteristics, provides assistance and training to regional Roma groups, and produces a magazine (Amaro Gendalos) and an internet radio station (Radio Rota) that celebrate Roma history and culture." In English and Romanes.

European Roma Rights Center Budapest-based European Roma advocacy group with extensive information on Roma human rights issues and violations.

European Roma Rights Center- Links Extensive collection of human rights treaties and relevant documents in the Romanes language.

From the Life of Gypsies Ljalja Kuznetsova’s Photographs of Liuli Gypsies in the Ukraine.

Helsinki Citizen's Assembly Roma Site Website of the HCA Roma Section and the Brno (Czech Republic) Museum of Romany Culture.

International Romany Union http://www.unionromani.org in Romanes and Spanish

Kosova Foundation for an Open Society

Patrin Web Journal Patrin is one of the most comprehensive Roma sites on the web.

Radio Television Kosova- Romanes Television Online

Roma Community and Advocacy Center

Roma: Gypsies of Pata-Rât- Australian photojournalist David Dare Parker’s Photographs of the harshRoma experience in Transylvania, Romania.

Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe

Romanes Language Page (Fergus Smith) Details the roots and evolution of the Romanes language.

Romani.org "Dedicated to the Roma for their recognition as a people and as a nation, and to their struggle for freedom and against persecution and oppression worldwide."

Romani News

Romani World News Service for Roma concerns and affairs.

Romnews Network Online The Roma National Congress's news service.

United Nations Development Program- Roma Regional Human Development Reports

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Romanes/ Generalno deklaracija pala e manusengeri chachipena

Voice of Roma Voice of Roma organizes, promotes, and provides educational and charitable projects for and about Roma. VOR's goal is to provide Roma, with a special emphasis on the inclusion of Romani women, with a voice, in their local communities, as well as nationally and internationally.

World Bank Roma projects and initiatives sponsored by the World Bank.

Yugoslav Society for the Improvement of Local Roma Communities "SILRC is a non-governmental organization from Yugoslavia whose main goal is aiding in the development of Roma communities and improvement of living conditions in those communities. The Society brings together experts, scientists, and social activists willing to help in the development of Roma communities and improvement of their living conditions." In Serbian and English.

Serbia & Kosovo Links/ Agency Links

Albanian.com Albanian culture, history, news and views. In Albanian and English.

Amnesty International. Extensive reports, both pre- and post-1999, on the human rights situation in Kosovo and other areas of southeastern Europe.

B92 News Service. Accurate, up-to-date news service on events in the former Yugoslavia, with widest coverage focusing on Serbia. In English and Serbian.

B92 Links Extensive links for news providers and wire services in the former Yugoslavia.

BBC Kosovo Reports

Beta News Agency Serbian & Montenegrin news service with Kosovo information. In Serbian, Albanian, Hungarian, Romanes and English.

Center for the Study of Balkan Societies and Cultures CSBSC is an applied social research center that focuses on current problems in Balkan societies. The center focuses on education, human rights, local media, migration and minorities issues.

Council of Europe

Focus: Kosovo Magazine. Online version of the UN's Kosovo news magazine. In English, Serbian or Albanian.

Human Rights Watch Extensive reports, both pre- and post-1999, on the human rights situation in Kosovo and other areas of southeastern Europe.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting Alternate news source for conflict regions around the world. Extensive reporting from Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia.

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

International Crisis Group. Extensive information on the former Yugoslavia and other conflict areas.

KFOR Official website of NATO's Kosovo Force.

Koha Ditore Kosovo's most popular daily newspaper. In Albanian.

Kosovo.com Website of the Serbian Orthodox diocese of Raška and Prizren.

Kosovo News Agency Albanian News Service. In Albanian and English.

New York Times: A Bitter Struggle in a Land of Strife The New York Times Interactive Kosovo site

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

OSCE- As Seen, As Told Detailed Human Rights Reports on Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo and Serb actions before and during the 1999 war

Organization For Security and Cooperation in Europe Mission in Kosovo (OMIK) The OSCE is one of the lead UNMIK pillars; its primary concern in Kosovo is democratization and the rule of law.

Radio 21 Kosova

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty South Slavic Report in Albanian, Serbian, Macedonian & English.

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty Western Balkans Report

Radio Television Kosova

United Nations Development Program

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Kosovo Minorities Reports Kosovar Minorities reports from 1999 to the present.

UNMIK- United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo. Site includes UNMIK policy, Kosovo information, news archives, local media monitoring and press releases.

UNMIK- Kosovo Media Monitoring Translations of lead stories in major Kosovo newspapers. Updated daily. In English.

UNMIK CIVPOL Police UNMIK's International police branch. Extensive information on Kosovar crime and new policing.

UNMIK CIVPOL Police (archive) UNMIK CIVPOL's old site, with information from 1999-2001.

United States State Department. Erasing History; Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Details the 1998-1999 ethnic cleansing of the Kosovar Albanians.

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