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Site Profiles: Interviewee Areas of Kosovo

Southwestern Pristina Municipality- Gracanica, Preoce, Livadje, Laplje Selo & Caglavica
Site Profiles: Gracanica | Preoce | Livadje

Southwestern Pristina Municipality- Livadje

The Butic home, Livadje

Livadje is one of the more physically isolated minority areas of Kosovo, a small village surrounded by hills and farmland. The village lies several kilometers south of Laplje Selo on a little-used road that eventually leads to Donja Gušterica and Janjevo.

Security & Transportation

Livadje has had no security incidents since the war’s end. Transportation is the predominant issue, due to the isolation of the site. Private combis drive to Gracanica and Gušterica a few times a day. All further travel must be sought in Gracanica.

Economy & Infrastructure

Serbs own all arable land. The Roma own little. Farmers sell their produce in Gracanica or Gušterica. A few small shops exist; there are no cafes or restaurants. There is no sewage system, the water quality is poor, and power is intermittent; Livadje’s transformer is decrepit and often breaks down. Children’s Aid Direct delivered World Food Program parcels in Livadje until Spring of 2002. Livadje, outside of farming, has no economic opportunity.


Livadje has a small primary school. Secondary school students must travel to Gušterica, Gracanica or Laplje Selo. UNMIK provides transport.


Most Roma in the village are related to one another. Their Mahala is indistinguishable from the rest of the village. All of the adults have completed primary school; one attended, but did not complete, university. Several Roma children are enrolled in secondary school. All Livadje’s Roma are officially unemployed. Some work as manual labors for Serb farmers; others carry out small-scale smithing work.

Livadje’s Roma  













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