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Site Profiles: Interviewee Areas of Kosovo

Southwestern Pristina Municipality- Gracanica, Preoce, Livadje, Laplje Selo & Caglavica
Site Profiles: Gracanica | Preoce | Livadje

Southwestern Pristina Municipality- Preoce

Preoce is the poorest interviewee area in southwestern Pristina municipality. They have much less freedom of movement and economic/ educational opportunity than other residents of the area due to their location. Preoce lies on the other side of the Pristina-Skopje ‘highway.’ Preoce lies roughly 9 KM south of Pristina.

Security & Transportation

Preoce’s freedom of movement is limited to the Serb/ Roma areas of Bresje and Ugljare (Kosovo Polje) via the KFOR road. Preoce residents can access Čaglavica, Laplje Selo and Gracanica by crossing the main Pristina-Skopje ‘highway,’ but the road continues to act as a psychological barrier, as well as an economic one. Preoce’s residents must access Gracanica for further travel options.

Blackbird City: Preoce 2003

Economy & Infrastructure

Preoce’s farmers can access most of their agricultural land. A few corrugated metal shacks function as shops that are overpriced in comparison to Gracanica. They are little-used. Preoce’s electricity is intermittent at best due to the age of the transformer unit.  Preoce’s phone lines are disabled.

Preoce is 98% unemployed. A few families receive social assistance from UNMIK. There is little NGO activity.  


Preoce has one primary school- a satellite school of Gracanica ’s Kralj Milutin School . Children must attend secondary school in either Gracanica or Laplje Selo; UNMIK provides transportation.


Preoce’s Roma Mahala is on the northern end of the village, at the edge of arable land. The Mahala streets are unpaved; there is no functioning sewage system.

Preoce’s Roma, compared to undue attention focused on other, more visible Kosovo Mahalas, are neglected by the international community. Preoce’s Roma benefit from little NGO activity, with the exception of ineffective cultural celebrations that last a day or two and then end.  The now-defunct NGO Children’s Aid Direct delivered food in Preoce as implementers to UNHCR and the UN’s World Food Program, but these deliveries have since been discontinued.

Preoce’s Roma










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