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Site Profiles: Interviewee Areas of Kosovo

Interviewee areas are profiled. Other illustrative areas are included. Profile information includes Location; Security & Transportation; Economy & Infrastructure; and Demographic Information.

Demographic information is compiled from UNHCR, OSCE and project field notes, unless otherwise noted. Contending figures are listed with explanations. Site maps courtesy of the Humanitarian Community Information Center.

Southwestern Pristina Municipality- Gracanica, Preoce, Livadje, Laplje Selo & Caglavica

  • Site Profile: Gracanica
  • Site Profile: Preoce
  • Site Profile: Livadje

Obilic/ Obiliq & Vucitrn/ Vushtrri Municipality: Plemetina Village, Plemetina Camp, Crkvena Vodica and Prilužje

  • Site Profile: Plemetina Village
  • Site Profile: Plemetina Camp
  • Site Profile: Prilužje
  • Site Profile: Crkvena Vodica
  • Site Profile: Kosovo Polje

The Northern Municipalities- South Mitrovica, Cezmin Lug (North Mitrovica), Žitkovac (Zvecan) and the Warehouse (Leposavic)

  • Site Profile: North & South Mitrovica
  • Site Profile: The Camps
  • Site Profile: Gnjilane/ Gjilan
  • Site Profile: Bostan- Novo Brdo
  • Site Profile: Prizren
 Prizren: the Terzi Mahala. April 2003

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